Why"Real" Life Theatre?

Acting is slightly different in this theatre modality, which is known as Theatre for Living. People only take on a role if they have personal experience in the character's situation.

This personal familiarity gives the experience of playing from within, and can be profoundly moving. While the actor is representing a character in a fictional story, the background experience is real and it feels like a moment from your life. This level of integrity means that anyone can act, as long as the role fits with the actor's personal experience. People can reach surprising depths, and hidden or even silenced issues can emerge.

Because of our healthy mixture of games and fun activities scattered throughout the program, we maintain a level atmosphere. While this is not a therapy, it does provide the opportunity for personal development.


If, in the process, a participant feels confronted by emotions that arise, we have a counsellor on the team who is available to talk privately with participants on request.

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