What do we offer schools/students?

We provide exciting and fun games-based programs for whole classes or smaller groups from class 5 and up, focusing on issues of importance to youth like relationships, social media and peer pressure. Programs are flexible to fit with school and student requirements, with a series of weekly 70-90 minute sessions. Our workshops help build self-esteem, empathy, self-identity and resilience in individual students, and lead to a more inclusive culture in the classroom and the whole school community.

Our professional development programs for staff also provide a challenging and exhilarating eperience that brings the whole staff together in a unique way while breaking down barriers and building relationship. The result - greater inclusion and connection amongst the staff at all levels, development of conflict resolution skills, increased job satisfaction and improved relationship between staff, development of leadership skills, healthier staffrooms and classrooms, a more successful school!


Would you like to develop a working environment that is more accepting, creative and harmonious?

Why not ask for more information about this innovative approach to improving workplace relationships and fostering greater productivity for better outcomes for students and the school?

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