What do we offer community groups?

Involvement in a healthy inclusive and engaged community is vital to health and wellbeing, as studies are increasingly showing. The challenge is that it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to remain connected to those around them, and the modern lifestyle does not encourage it. Community groups play a vital role in providing opportunities, but too many people are isolated due to disadvantages or lifestyle practices. With isolation come the challenges of loss of self-esteem and sense of personal and cultural identity, and the impact on mental health through despair, anxiety and depression.


Our workshops offer a way for community groups to engage in activities that are for all cultures, age groups and abilities and that foster self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of achievement through the learning of new skills and creative expression. One major result of the teambuilding that happens in the workshops is increased empathy and inclusion, which leads to higher personal and community resilience. Many people experience personal growth through the workshop and a greater sense of self-worth and belonging, feeling empowered to take on initiatives and support others in becoming community leaders.

The workshops involve a lot of fun and laughter in the process of teaching theatre skills. Activities can be personally challenging and participants often experience joy and exhilaration as they venture into creative areas that are new to them. We have a professional counsellor on the team who participates in some activities but is primarily there for private discussion for anyone who feels challenged by something that arises in a workshop and wants to talk things over.

Funding is often an issue for community groups, and we regularly work with organisations to apply for grants and source funds to enable projects to take place. Please contact us if you'd like to have this in your community!

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