What do we offer businesses?

Businesses today are facing challenges that cause a high level of stress on performance and viability. Managers find themselves in highly competitive and diverse marketplaces, with a rapid rate of change including new technologies and difficulties in finding 'the right' staff who can remain highly motivated and provide the skills required for the job.

Research informs us that people who are happy at work are more resilient and more able to cope with change, including changes in technology; also they are more likely to be supportive of company policy and aligned with workplace values as well as having greater workplace ethics which flows through to customer service and productivity when they have a sense of belonging amongst their workmates.

A happy workplace has a higher level of productivity and improved outcomes.

Our focus in working with businesses is the same as with schools and community groups, being concerned with working with groups to resolve conflict and prevent isolation. Our programs work by building confidence and leadership roles, and by specifically addressing challenging situations for conflict resolution. Group awareness develops and the beginning of a change of culture emerges in the workshops, as people see themselves and each other through a new lense.

Workshops focus on a theme and tend to be equalising with fun games and improvisations that allow a different way of relating. Activities provide challenging yet exhilarating new territory, stretching boundaries and allowing colleagues to relate to each other differently.


Results include a development of confidence and self-esteem and foster a cooperative environment that encourages greater communication, inclusion and respect through the discovery of common ground and the awakening of empathy. An enhanced sense of connection and improvement in workplace relationships leads to increased productivity and efficiency as people feel more secure, more connected to others and more confident and happy coming to work and working alongside of others on the team.

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