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Exciting times!

It's an exciting time here for us at Real Life Theatre, with three wonderful events in the throes, as can be seen on the events page.

The first is the Carers Acting Up project, which is nearing completion with our last workshop coming up soon (31st March). This has been and still is a wonderful chance to meet carers and hear about the issues they face on a day to day basis. It's been extraordinary to learn about the challenges of being a voluntary carer here in Australia and the 'joy' of exploring the NDIS program with all its inherent quirks. The carers' lot is something I believe most people are unaware of, and we need to have a whole lot more services in place to support this large group of people whose needs go unnoticed in our community all too often.

Next up is the invitation to be part of the Art of Speech festival in Healesville on 29th-30th March. We'll be running a demonstration participatory mini workshop on the opening night, which will be lots of fun, showing the expression available through the body with gesture and 'intelligent clay' sculptures.

The third part of a hub of activities in this few weeks is Funfest, the opening day of Emerald's week long PAVE festival. We'll be running a couple of short demonstration mini workshops to show how theatre can be used for building community strength in line with the festival's theme of Resonance.

If you're in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, you might like to join us for some of these fun activities!

Further informatio is on the Events page.

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